How Do You Like Your Weiner?

Leave it to Smoke to ask, and being the gastronomical genius that he is, his response was loud and clear, delivered through Smoke's Weinerie, his exciting, new over the top Weiner concept, it's not just your ball park frank!

Taking a cue from the amazing success of Smoke's Poutinerie, Smoke has created a complete new food category focused exclusively on the All-Mighty Steamie Weiner!  Sourcing the freshest buns, selecting the most excellent Weiner on the market, and using the highest quality of toppings, Smoke's Weinerie offers dozens of Steamies on the menu, balanced with the latest food craze, the All Beef Gourmet hot dog... and for those wanting an extra few inches... the foot long!  With design inspired by industrial hot dog carts and natural street feel, the store experience promises to be entertaining, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, "Our Weiner's are Handled with Care", and "Grab Your Weiner Here", are just a few of the colourful phrases adorning the interior walls.  The resulting Concept is the World's First & Original Smoke's Weinerie Brand!

Smoke would like to share his Weinerie with you, excited to extend this opportunity to Weiner Lovers around the world!  We are simply looking for like-minded individuals who are fun, energetic, social, hard-working, service oriented people who share the same vision and fit the Brand Environment.

So if you are up to the challenge, go no further.....



Mark Cunningham 
Global Chief Business Development Officer 

Mark has served as our Global Chief Business Development Officer since October 2014 previous to this Mark has worked in the Franchise Industry with various major Brands for the past 28 years. Mark specializes in Global Business Development. 

Mike Graham 
VP Franchise Development 

Mike has served as our VP Franchise Development since May 2012 previous to this Mike has worked in the Franchise Industry with various major Brands for the past 25 years. 


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