Smoke is a Strange Animal

Sausage is one of the oldest forms of processed food but although it is commonly believed that it was invented much, much earlier, the hot dog itself was in fact invented in 1985 by Smoke. Unfortunately, this was pre-internet and most of the facts surrounding it are really quite foggy. The basic truth (there are many variations floating around in the hot dog community) is that the invention took place one muggy evening after a Gowan show at Kee to Bala in Ontario‚Äôs Muskoka region. Smoke and a few friends had developed some serious munchies and decided to roast some tube steaks on the hibachi. Smoke was seriously impatient and couldn't wait to grab his steaming weiner. Always a quick thinker, he hollowed out a nearby Twinkie and unknowingly fashioned the first hot dog bun, grabbing the piping hot sausage with it in order to protect his tender hands from harm. The rest is history. Unrecorded history, but history nonetheless.